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Persuasive Writing Graphic Organizer; Digital & Interactive


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    This lesson was developed in order to assist students in generating a cohesive paragraph complete with a topic sentence, textual evidence, pertinent details, and a concluding sentence. It was created to be read with a persuasive article, which is also attached. Follow the directions to create your own copy of this material in order to modify and specify it according to your students’ needs and levels text. The article used is also attached as an example. Ideally, this should be distributed to students or presented in Google Classroom, and each facet explained. Each facet can be modeled for students or students can complete it independently. Once each portion of the graphic organizer is completed, model how to transfer the information in order to structure a paragraph if necessary. Otherwise students should be prompted to generate their final paragraphs independently, revise, edit and submit their work.

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